Commissioning art & illustrations

Terms of Service (ToS) for noncommercial commissions

By accepting a commission offer from the artist, the client is agreeing to all the terms stated below.

Contacting the artist
For every commission inquiry please contact me via email or through the contact form on this website. Both can be found here. Further communication is done via email or – if desired – via Telegram (the artist will provide their Telegram contact information on request of the client).

Ordering a commission
The client needs to provide a detailed description (or reference) of the desired character, scene or item. References of characters are helpful and increase the accuracy of the depiction done by the artist.
After receiving a commission inquiry, the artist will check the given information. The artist may request further information if needed.
After receiving all necessary information, the artist will send a written offer to the client via email or Telegram. If the client accepts the offer, the artist will send a written confirmation of the order and the invoice (PDF files) via email. The commission offer is then binding.

The client will be notified about the estimated time of completion together with the offer. Please note that the time of completion is an estimate and cannot be guaranteed (additional correspondence with the client, sickness, holidays or unforeseen events may delay the estimated time of completion). However, the artist will do their best to meet the estimated timeframe and will notify the commissioner as soon as possible if any delay should occur.

All prices given are in EUR. Payments can be made through PayPal and bank transfer only. The means of payment has to be agreed upon before the artist sends the confirmation of the order.
Payment must be made in full before any work is done. Once the artist received the full payment, the client’s commission will be added to the artist’s work queue.
Any other payment policy is subject to individual discussion and must be agreed upon by both sides before the artist sends the confirmation of the order.

Traditional and digital artwork
If a digital artwork was commissioned, the client will receive a full resolution file of the commissioned work, usually JPEG or PNG format.
If a traditional artwork was commissioned (for example a pencil sketch, a painting or any other traditional media), the client will receive a scan of the work, usually JPEG or PNG format. The original artwork can be picked up during conventions or other opportunities or shipped directly to the commissioner if desired (postage has to be paid by the commissioner). I only offer insured shipping.

Changes and add-ons
After receiving the first sketch of the desired artwork, the client may issue minor changes of the artwork once (for example: expressions, minor pose changes, changes on clothing, details). Additional changes or bigger changes (e. g. an entirely new pose, a different character or similar), which would exceed the estimated timeframe of the work, may cause additional costs, which the artist will then discuss with the client.
Add-ons are possible (even after the sketch phase) but will come at additional costs depending on the add-on (for example an additional character, a coloration of a commissioned line art or a background if no background was commissioned in the first place). Add-ons will only be made after the client and the artist agree on the desired add-ons and once the payment for the add-ons was made in full.

Refunds and cancellation
The artist keeps the right to not accept a commission inquiry or stop working on a commission without a given reason at any time. In case of a cancellation through the artist, the client will receive a full refund of already made payments.
If the client wishes to cancel their commission after receiving the confirmation of the order and the invoice but before work begins, the artist will retain 5% of the commission payment as a convenience fee. In the event of client cancellation after receiving the first sketch of the commissioned work, a 50% refund of original payment will be issued. No refund will be issued if the client cancels at any later stage or after the commission is complete.

Usage and rights
Non-commercial commissions: The artist reserves all rights of the commissioned artwork (character design excluded). The artist has the right to use the commissioned artwork for portfolios or similar purposes (this includes printed portfolios, art prints, artbooks and similar). Rights can be extended for extra fees if desired by the client (for example converting a personal commission into a commercial commission). The client may print and reproduce the commissioned artwork for private use. The client is not allowed to sell the commissioned artwork in any way (for example prints). The client is not allowed to change the commissioned artwork in any way without the artists written permission (cropping, paint-overs, deleting the artist’s signature or similar). The client may use and upload the commissioned artwork on their personal websites or galleries if those websites are legal and for non-commercial usage. Credit to the artist’s original upload or gallery in form of a link is required.
Commercial commissions: For commercial works different terms of service (ToS) apply. If the client plans to use a commissioned artwork commercially, the artist should be informed up front. The artist offers the option to purchase partial or full rights of a commissioned artwork in this case. This means the commissioner may use the commissioned artwork commercially in the way both sides agreed upon up front. It is not allowed to alter the artwork or sell it multiple times as different artwork if no such agreement was made up front. For more detailed information about commercial usage of commissioned work please contact the artist.

German law applies. These ToS may change any time without further notice.